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High Voltage Live Work Auditing and Inspection Guide


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This Guide outlines key areas for the field auditing and inspections of Live Line Work and Live Work Training Providers in NZ. In producing this Guide, the industry is endeavouring to ensure that all work teams (and all members of Live Line Work teams) are assessed in a regular and nationally consistent manner across the industry, thereby ensuring that work standards are maintained, and that safety will not be compromised. Audits are also an opportunity for teams to identify areas for improvement. In developing this Guide, account has been taken of employee and Service Provider suggestions, and legal requirements.

The ongoing safety of any Live Line Work team or team member is heavily reliant on strict adherence to set safety and work Procedures and Techniques. During Live Line Work training, very high safety standards are instilled, and key purposes of field audits, both announced and unannounced, are designed to raise safety awareness and provide an independent review of in-field practices, thus playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety of Live Line Work.

Note: 2021 Version

The National Committee on Live Work (NCLW) had identified a number of areas in the 2020 version of this guide that would benefit from being updated, this 2021 version of the guide has been updated to improve alignment on definitions with ECP 46.

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