Insulator Solutions (technical module) - OLD-030 forms part of a Micro-credential in Overhead Line Design which is recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.  It is one of six technical modules and focuses on conductor components of an overhead line.

The overarching outcome for this module is that you will be able to design an insulator solution for an overhead distribution line, using a whole of life design approach, and in accordance with sound Safety in Design (SiD) principles.

What you will learn

Through this module, you will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Technical understanding of insulators
  2. Technical understanding of insulator design methods
  3. Practical and wholistic application of insulator design methods
  4. Professional application of engineering review processes (SiD and peer-review)

How you will learn

Learning will be via a combination of reading technical notes and guides, watching videos, using interactive tools, completing the quizzes, and completing the assignments. You may also be directed into further research, where external resources are recommended reading.


OLD-030 Insulator Solutions

How to Register

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