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The EEA Engineering Excellence Awards recognises recent activities or projects associated with the development of new infrastructure or the improvement of existing infrastructure for the generation, transmission, distribution or utilisation of electricity within the New Zealand Electricity Supply Industry. The award will be presented at the 2019 EEA Conference

NB: Projects must have been in operation for at least a year, and be no more than three years old.


You will need to provide information to showcase your entry. This requires a little work but it is important we have this information to help our judging panel select the winner and to showcase the runner ups. The judging panel may contact you directly for more information.

The submission should provide a descriptive summary and give us the details and supporting information/data around the issue(s), key attribute(s), action(s) and factors you believe have contributed toward your successful safety outcome and demonstrating how the entry meets the judging criteria.

It should also include;

  • Diagrams and explanatory text and any published reviews or critiques undertaken by independent parties
  • Supporting visual/multimedia material which could include up to 1-6 high quality colour images; and /or either in jpg or tif format, or clearly labelled photographs ;and/or up to 25 second of mpg video file or automated Powerpoint presentation
  • Sign-off by a member of the organisation's senior management team

The call for entries for 2020 will be made by approximately October/November 2019.


The awards consist of a trophy and a cash prize of $NZD500.


Performance Indicators

Contribution to the national or local economy and
impact on quality of life of relevant communities

  • Development of infrastructure (ie. national/local asset).
  • Value-adding to natural resources.
  • Evidence of meaningful consultation with those affected.
  • Impact on the natural environment.
  • Impact on an urban environment.
  • Cost savings potential.
  • Employment potential.
  • Advancement of sustainability
  • Import replacement.
  • New industry development.
  • Health and safety of people.
  • Material well-being of those affected.
  • Environmental or social well-being of those affected.

Contribution to building the reputation of
New Zealand electricity supply industry engineering

  • Satisfaction of the needs of clients and/or end-user groups.
  • Importance of the engineering component.
  • Reputation as a quality project.
  • Adherence to budget and timeline.
  • Recognition as an engineering achievement/ innovation.
  • Recognition of the standard of excellence.

Overseas interest

  • Functionality and economic impact on its life cycle
  • Originality.
  • Coverage in world literature.

Sound Engineering and Business Principles and Practices

  • Future operability and asset maintenance provisions.
  • Originality or ingenuity in achieving the best solution.
  • Adherence to budget parameters and program timelines.
  • Innovation and creativity exhibited in all aspects of the work.
  • Patents and other protection


The entrant accepts and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All entries and supporting material must be received at the EEA by the dates specified in the entry requirements.
  2. Projects must have been in operation for at least a year, and be no more than three years old.
  3. All relevant parties have been identified as part of the entry's engineering team.
  4. The entrant has obtained the permission of all relevant parties to proceed with the entry.
  5. The entrant gives permission for the EEA to use any of the material provided for publicity and promotional purposes.
  6. Should further information be requested, this will be provided by the date specified.
  7. Should the judges wish to visit the site of an activity or ask questions of any person(s) involved with an entry, all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the visit and answer any questions posed.
  8. Should the entrant be announced as a finalist, the entrant must attend, and meet the costs of attending, the formal Awards presentation at the EEA Conference in Wellington on 7 to 9 July 2020.
  9. The entrant accepts that the judges' decision is final and that no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. The judges reserve the right not to make an Award where, in the judges' opinion, no entry of adequate standard has been received.


2019 - The Award was not presented in 2019

2018 Winner AECOM NZ Ltd 'Wilton Substation 110kV Bus Rationalisation'

2017 Winner - Unison Networks 'Asset Rating in the Days of Disruptive Innovations'

2016 Winner - Meridian Energy 'Manapouri Transformer Project'

2015 Winner - AECOM 'Wairau Road GXP Substation'

2014 Winner - Amethyst Hydro Ltd & Electronet Group ' Amethyst Hydro Power Scheme'

2014 Merit - Mitton Electronet & Transpower 'A Transmission Mobile Substation from Design to Operation'

2013 Winner - ElectroNet Group (Mitton ElectroNet & ElectroNet Services) 'Connecting McKee Power Plant to the Grid'

2012 Winner - Top Energy/Transpower 'Overcoming Ownership Boundaries to Serve Customers'

2011 - The Award was not presented in 2011

2010 - This Award was not presented in 2010

2009 Winner

  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (over $3m in capital expenditure category): Mighty River Power for their 'Kawerau Geothermal Power Station' Project.
  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (under $3m in capital expenditure category): The Award was not presented in 2009

2008 Winners

  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (over $3m in capital expenditure category): Mighty River Power for their Arapuni Dam Foundation Remediation Project.
The submission presented an unprecedented challenge, and the solution has created a new international benchmark for dam remediation.
  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (under $3m in capital expenditure category): Connetics for their full lighting upgrade of the exterior of New Zealands architectural icon Christchurch Cathedral.

2007 Winner

  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (over $3m in capital expenditure category): Vector 'Revitalising Infrastructure: Vector's Undergrounding Project in Howick'.
  • EEA Engineering Excellence Award (over $3m in capital expenditure category): The Award was not presented in 2007
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