The EEA Public Safety Award recognises excellence in fostering public awareness and education about electricity safety and safety around electricity supply assets. 

The award is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the EEA.  The award will be presented at the EEA Conference.

The award recognises initiatives to:

  1. Entries may cover: Excellence in electrical safety of the public.
  2. Raise awareness of electrical safety issues in the local community.
  3. Reduce accidents to the public which involve electricity supply industry assets.
  4. Improve public understanding or awareness of electrical safety issues around electricity supply industry assets.
  5. Encourage industry and the public to think about and participate in electrical safety initiatives.
  6. Publicise ideas, procedures and programmes which deliver a high standard of public awareness of electrical safety.
  • The development of new or improved types of public safety promotion or information
  • The introduction of new or improved safety education methods, practices or procedures
  • New ways of encouraging a positive approach to electrical safety
  • Any other new aspect or suggestion which conforms to the objectives set out above


The award consists of a trophy and a cash prize of $500NZD.


Judging is in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. The effectiveness of identification of the problem the safety issue(s), the target audience and the medium selected.
  2. The extent of commitment in development and implementation.
  3. The effectiveness of the impact or outcome of the achievement in the public domain.
  4. The extent of integration of the achievement with other management systems in the organisation.
  5. The suitability of the achievement or contribution for wider application to industry.
  6. Compliance with all relevant statutory requirements.
  7. Evidence of achievement. Where possible, external verification of the achievement should be provided.

The judging panel will comprise the EEA President (or nominee), the Secretary of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (or nominee) and an Employee Representative.


You will need to provide information to showcase your entry. This requires a little work but it is important we have this information to help our judging panel select the winner and to showcase the runner ups. The judging panel may contact you directly for more information.

The submission should provide a descriptive summary and give us the details and supporting information/data around the issue(s), key attribute(s), action(s) and factors you believe have contributed toward your successful safety outcome and demonstrating how the entry meets the judging criteria.

It should also include:

  • Diagrams and explanatory text and any published reviews or critiques undertaken by independent parties.
  • Supporting visual/multimedia material which could include up to 1-6 high quality colour images in jpg format, or clearly labelled photographs; and/or up to 25 seconds of mpg video file or automated PowerPoint presentation.
  • Sign-off by a member of the organizations senior management team, or referee where appropriate.

Entries for 2024 will open shortly, please watch this space.

Online Entry Submission form - Please have your attachments ready


The entrant accepts and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The award is open to all New Zealand electricity supply industry organisations and individuals, including, but not limited to: asset owners, contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers or others in the generation, network or electricity retail sectors.
  2. The entrant has obtained the permission of all relevant parties to proceed with the entry.
  3. The entrant gives permission to use any of the material provided for publicity and promotional purposes.
  4. The number of copies requested will be provided, and should further information be requested, this will be provided by the date specified.
  5. Should the entrant be announced as a finalist, the entrant must attend, and meet the costs of attending, the formal awards presentation at the EEA Conference.
  6. The entrant accepts that the judges' decision is final and that no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. The judges undertake to observe the confidentiality of entries and to declare or avoid any possible conflict of interest.
  8. The judges reserve the right not to make an award where, in the judges' opinion, no entry of adequate standard has been received.

Previous Winners

2023 Winner - Unison Networks 'Unison's risk framework to improve safety for the public and third parties'

2022 Award was not presented in 2022

2021 Winner - Counties Energy 'Smart Meter Technology'

2020 (No Awards presented due to COVID-19 and the subsequent cancellation of the EEA Conference)

2019 Winner - Unison 'Be Aware Electricity Kills Programme'

2018 Winner - Not Awarded

2017 Winner - Marlborough Lines 'Wine Industry Safety Posters'

2016 Winner - The Public Safety award was not awarded in 2016

2015 Winner - Powerco Ltd 'Powerco's Public Safety Campaign'

2014 Winner - Vector Ltd 'Vector Refreshes its Safety in School Programme'

2013 Winner - MainPower NZ Ltd 'Re-designed SWER Line Insulator Extension Bracket'

2012 Winner - Vector Ltd 'Promoting Safety Through Schools'

2011 Winner - Orion NZ 'Public Safety Management following a Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake & Subsequent Aftershocks'

2010 Winner - TOP Energy 'Close Approach Consents Process' Safety Campaign

2009 Winner - Orion NZ 'Physical Security Plan'

2008 Winner - WEL Networks 'Look Out!' campaign

2007 Winner - Vector 'Vector's Public Safety Programme' education programme

2006 Winner - The Award was not presented in 2006

2005 Winner - Vector 'Stay Safe Around Electricity Education Programme'

2005 Merit Award - Unison 'Be Safe With Electricity'

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