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The affairs of the Association are governed by the Executive Committee which consists of a President, Vice-President and seven other persons. All members of the Executive Committee are elected biennially and need to be full members of the Association.

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EEA Strategy and Business Plans

EEA's mission, vision and priority work areas are outlined in our Strategic Plan to 2020 and Business Plan for 2019/20.


EEA is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and represents its members on engineering, safety, asset management, standards and professional development matters. Our strength lies in our capability as a trusted adviser to members, industry, government, regulators and other stakeholders. We provide collaboration, knowledge and leadership to deliver and support continual improvement within the electricity supply industry.


Where do we want to be by 2020?

  • A recognised advocate and knowledge leader in engineering, asset management, health and safety, and professional development for industry stakeholders and government
  • A trusted representative for a larger number and broader base of members and stakeholders
  • A growing not-for-profit organisation with solid membership and financial revenue streams helping us perform


  1. Safety and Health Leadership
  2. Asset Management Leadership
  3. Emerging Technologies
  4. Information and Knowledge
  5. Customer Value
  6. Financial Sustainability

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