Over the past 12 months, the EEA has been working with Marshall Clark to design and delivery a blended (online and in workshops) Safety in Design (SiD) training course.  

The new SiD course is based on the EEA’s Safety in Design Guide (2016) and is intended to give participants an understanding of the contribution of a variety of perspectives to SiD, and practice using a selection of risk-based tools and techniques in real-life scenarios.

Course Details

The course includes a total of three components, allowing EEA members to mix and match to their own organisational needs.  The components are:

1.   A choice of one of two online courses:

  • Full course:  aimed at those who will lead SiD processes in their organisations.  The course takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete.
  • Awareness course:  aimed at those who are likely to be part of any SiD review process, but who will not be expected to lead the process.  The course takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.

2.   A choice of one of two workshops:

  • Full course:  a one-day onsite SiD workshop focusing on real-world scenarios.
  • Awareness course:  a half-day workshop focusing on the SiD processes in practice as part of the awareness course.

Once complete, participants and their employers can choose to participate in:

3.  Organisational Maturity Assessment – The purpose of this assessment is to help managers understanding SiD in an organisational context.  The results (accompanied by one-on-one interviews) are collated and presented in the form of an SiD improvement project plan.

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Online Course (Per Person)

Member rate $600.00 +GST

Workshop / Inhouse

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