‘Te heke mai o te hiko’ - The Future of Electricity


The Electricity Engineers' Association ("EEA") aims to be a leader for Aotearoa New Zealand's energy industry, providing expert electricity system engineering, technical, and safety advice that is pan industry, innovative, inclusive, and trusted.


A focal point for collaboration and thought leadership in engineering, safety and asset management across the electricity sector. We enable members to continuously learn and develop in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment that recognises Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural diversity and alignment with Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

EEA are:

  • Navigators - we provide expert advice and advocacy on greater standardisation, asset management, innovation, workforce, and health and safety risks.
  • Connectors - we connect the industry across Aotearoa New Zealand to solve issues, share knowledge, promote standardisation and greater electrification.
  • Capability Builders - we build a diverse and inclusive workforce that has the technical talent and capability, to meet industry's existing and future needs.

our work

We focus on three core areas – Health and Safety; Engineering and Technical, and Systems Planning and Design.

In health and safety we are supporting the effective management of critical risks, health and wellbeing, and the minimisation of harm for people who are in, on, or near to, our sector assets.

In engineering and technical we are supporting the effective management and performance of assets and technology for optimum outcomes now and as we transition into a decarbonised future.

In systems planning and design we are future focused looking at emerging technologies and systems and what’s needed to transition and deliver a net-zero carbon economy. This includes people, systems and safe operation at all levels.

Alongside this, we continue to deliver value to the industry through our focus on advocacy with Government, growing industry knowledge and future capability, helping address challenges collectively by enabling standardisation, and profiling the great work our membership is doing to deliver safe, secure, reliable electricity to our communities.

Read our Strategic Plan for 2024
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