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Follow basic, well-understood safety procedures.


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An analysis of the root causes of fatalities and serious incidents that happened in the New Zealand Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) over the past 12 years has shown that all the fatalities and most of the incidents would have been prevented by following basic, well-understood safety procedures. This work lead to the development of six non-negotiable requirements that should be followed by workers at all times and form the basis of the ESI Back to Basics initiative.

The Back to Basics initiative encourages all companies that make up the ESI, Generation, Transmission, Distribution as well as contractors to focus on the 6 “non-negotiables” and ensure, where appropriate, that they are emphasised before work is carried out and followed once work begins.

Non-Negotiable Requirements

The 6 non-negotiables are;

1.  Test for safety

2.  Isolate. Prove de-energised and Earth HV equipment prior to starting work

3.  Implement or apply safe work practices to live LV work

4.  Ensure protection from Voltage Difference

5.  Determine poles or pole structures are safe to climb

6.  Ensure fall arrest or restraint.

In support of the Back to Basics initiative the EEA will make available a range of resources. At present an A4 poster has been developed where you are able to insert your organisation logo for promotion to your staff on the six non-negotiable rules.

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