Mitigating critical risks through better design

Industrial power users are becoming increasingly removed from safety and technical advancements commonly found across the power utility sector, heightening risk exposure.

Purpose of the course

This course is designed to equip industrial users of high voltage electricity with:

  • an improved understanding of the critical risks associated with their installations, and how these may be mitigated through design considerations.
  • the ability to describe the workings of high voltage equipment used in industrial settings, and evaluate and optimise the safety and efficiency of an industrial power system.

High Voltage Plant Professional Course

Who should participate?

This course is suitable for technical engineers and electrical tradespeople who work with, maintain and operate high voltage systems within industrial facilities.

Participants will likely already have first-hand knowledge of some of the challenges associated with utilising high voltage plant.

The Facilitator

Stuart McGirr 

Stuart joined Mitton ElectroNet in 2012, graduating from Canterbury University the year earlier. Initially specialising in earth grid injection testing and design, Stuart has since expanded his knowledge in arc flash analysis, new connections and high voltage systems, working with various clients in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Europe.  Through his career, he has completed two stints in the UK, both times working for separate electrical consultancy companies. 

To register your interest in this course, email to, Subject: High Voltage Plant Professional Course - interest

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