OLD-080 Line Design Practice is a capstone (final) assessment for those wishing to be awarded the EEA Micro-Credential in Overhead Line Design.

Learners most likely to benefit from this course will be overhead line design professionals wishing to increase the scope of their technical knowledge, or overhead line operators studying with a view to transition into overhead line design practice.

Using the design process the Line Design Practice module involves an exploration of relevant tools and technologies and the submission of a single design that will be assessed by members of the Line Design Steering Group.

The design submitted will be required to meet a range of criteria to be provided in advance. Learners are then expected to prepare their own individual designs in their workplace and submit them for assessment.

The module should take learners approximately 40 hours to complete, with learners required to achieve a grade of 75% to be endorsed with the Line Design Practice module.

Line Design Practice will be run as a cohort, with the EEA and the Steering Group providing opportunities for discussion throughout. The EEA and the Steering Group strongly support the idea of the Micro-Credential being part of a broader community of learning, and learners are not expected (or encouraged) to complete their design in isolation.

Line Design Practice is open to anyone, but only those who have completed OLD-010 Line Design Principles and at least one of OLD-020 to OLD-070 and OLD-080 can be awarded the Micro-Credential.

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