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Course Overview

The fundamentals of earthing for power systems are presented in this two-day course, with emphasis on personnel safety and functional earthing requirements. The theory of the fundamental concepts will be delivered, which will be demonstrated through practical examples and case studies. Earthing principles for all parts of the electricity network will be addressed, in particular generation plant, substations, transmission lines, distribution networks, major loads and the MEN system.

The course presents the fundamental principles common to all aspects of electrical earthing, such as current policy and regulation, the human body response to electrical current and current flow through the earth, before detailing the specific earthing requirements of components of the electricity system. Specialised earthing software, as well as real world test results, will be used to illustrate examples, showing how earthing systems are a critical component of any power system, to ensure the safety of persons and correct operation.

Who should attend?

The course content and structure are tailored to attendees who have a basic understanding of electrical theory. It is suitable for technical engineers, planning engineers, engineering managers, project managers, electrical tradespeople and contractors.

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Course Calendar 2017 - 2018

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