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Use of Mobile Plant - ESI Employees (Guide)


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The Guide for Electricity Supply Industry Use of Mobile Plant (this Guide) has been prepared to provide guidance to Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) employees on the use of mobile plant near live conductors, with some additional general requirements.

This Guide was first published in January 2014. The revision of November 2018 principally contains amendments resulting from;

- Enactment of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its regulations, replacing the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

- SM-EI July 2015 published

- General review of language and requirements resulting from new legislation and SM-EI amendments, and to improve clarity.

- Consistency of terms used in the Guide with those in legislation and SM-EI

- Additional risk advice on striking a cable.

- Minimum number of outriggers on a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) deleted to be consistent with SM-EI amendment.

- Additional earthing requirements, particularly the use of dedicated earthing lugs.

- Reference to mobile plant use in vegetation control work being covered in the separate Guide for Non-Electricity Supply Industry Employees Using Mobile Plant Near Power-lines and Electricity Cables has been removed.

The Electricity Supply Industry Workplace Health and Safety Strategy 2016 - 2020 targets an industry with zero fatalities and continual striving for no injuries, to be realised through a range of strategies. These include greater ownership and self-management of safety, supportive developments in guidance, and stronger guide uptake by industry groups.

The Safety Manual - Electricity Industry (SM-EI) informs employers about applying their hazard management responsibilities across the range of electricity industry work. The Electrical Codes of Practice and SM-EI have well-established minimum requirements for safe use of mobile plant and vehicles near live conductors. Further best practice developments in an industry guide should help businesses, asset owners, employers, workers and employees to significantly improve safety in their use of mobile plant and vehicles near live conductors.  

This Guide provides information about:

- Acceptable practice for field-users for avoiding electrical hazards while using mobile plant/vehicles near live conductors for both overhead lines and in switchyards, and near cables.

- Acceptable management standards and practice in support of field users.

- Guidance on maintenance of mobile plant.

The focus for this Guide is the avoidance of injury or damage from electrical hazards in the use of mobile plant near electrical equipment by ESI employees. This Guide also supports training, policy, and procedures development.

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