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Power Quality Guide (Update and Amendment)


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After completing a 3 year Ministry of Science and innovation (MSI) research project with EPECentre, University of Canterbury and the University of Wollongong, the EEA published the 2012 EEA Power Quality Guide. The MSI then provided funding for an additional year of research which looked at EVs, smart grids and reviewing comments and issues that came in from industry after the publication of 2012 Guide. The guide is intended to provide general guidance on the management of power quality (PQ) disturbances, in order to ensure that they are acceptably small and do not interfere with customer equipment.

In January 2013 an amendment to the Guide was completed which included result of the additional MSI research and covered comments provided by users of the Guide. A summary of the changes is given below.

Chapter 2

Clarification of the point of compliance (2.5).
Discussion of New Technologies (2.6).

Chapter 4

Worked example for voltage unbalance included.

Chapter 5

Stage 1, 2 & 3 assessments have been aligned with AS/NZs (and IEC) stages to remove confusion. This has meant adding a stage.
Theory for applying current THD limits enhanced.
Worked examples for individual and THD limits added.
Dealing with atypical supply impedances and the presence of resonances are also discussed.
Subsection of compliance checking added (5.10).
Clarification of what Fault level to use has been added (minimum).

Chapter 8

Voltage Sag Time and phase aggregation added.

Chapter 13

Prescriptive Monitoring added (13.7)

Suggestions for amendments, addition to the Guide, or questions of interpretation or if you are interested in being involved in future power quality research please contact:

The Executive Director
Electricity Engineers’ Association of NZ Inc
P O Box 5324


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