PQ Guide - Summary

This second revision of the Power Quality Guidelines is an update of the 2013 revision and features new material on high frequency harmonics or supra-harmonics, inter-harmonics and flicker, ferroresonance and geo magnetically induced currents.

Power Quality is an essential aspect of electrical power distribution and consumption, and it encompasses a wide range of parameters that impact the performance, reliability, and safety of electrical equipment. Most electrical and electronic equipment requires high-quality power to function correctly, and poor power quality can result in loss of efficiency, damage and in some cases complete equipment failure.

The PQ guide provides a comprehensive coverage of power quality issues faced by the electricity supply industry with the intent being to set out good practice in a field where developments are occurring rapidly.

The Guide's revision is largely the work of Professor Neville Watson of University of Canterbury, with assistance from Michael Whaley (M W Consultants) and Robin Pittwood (Powerco) and their efforts are gratefully acknowledged.

The guide is available via: EEA Publications and at the EEA Knowledge Network

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