Safety Manual - Electricity Industry (SM-EI)


ABOUT THE SM-EI Parts 1 & 2 and SM-EI Part 3 - 2015

SM-EI sets out safety requirements for the New Zealand electricity generation, transmission and distribution industry (the electricity industry). The third edition of the Safety Manual - Electricity Industry (SM-EI), was issued in July 2015.

Part 1: Minimum Safety Requirements sets out the safety requirements applying to control of work, supervision, employees, and key activities and includes those rules that apply to all employees undertaking any work, irrespective of whether they are working under a permit system or not. Part 1 also references other documents, such as Part 3 (Rules for Work on Equipment) and Part 2 (General Safety Guide),that all together comprise the electricity industry safety requirements.

Part 2: General Safety Guide sets out guidance on generally accepted good practice and legislative requirements for the safety and health of employees undertaking general work within the electricity industry.

Part 3: Rules for Work on Equipment establishes a system of uniform safe working practices and includes the requirements relating to access and test permits and work on or near electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment. The rules in Part 3 are intended for consistent application across the electricity industry, and are a means of compliance with Part 1. The rules are produced as part of the commitment of the electricity industry to ensuring the health and safety of employees and other persons in the vicinity of the work. Maintaining a safe working environment also requires commitment from all employees - a commitment to follow the rules, guides, work practices, procedures and associated publications spelt out in the electricity industry safety booklets and manuals.


The EEA welcomes suggestions for clarifying the rules and also welcomes enquiries for interpretation of the rules. Formal interpretation responses are posted on the EEA website - Interpretations, and clarifications and interpretations are described in Safety Rules Newsletters, which are also available on the EEA website - Safety Rules Newsletters and are accompanied by a keyword index.

Suggestions for clarifying the rules and questions of interpretation should be sent to:

The Executive Director Electricity Engineers' Association of NZ (Inc), P O Box 5324, Wellington or email to


SM-EI Parts 1&2 and Part 3 - Tracked Changes Documents

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SM-EI Work at Height - Attachment at all Times Workshops - March 2016

Following is the presentation from the Work at Height - Attachment at all Times Workshops held in March in Taradale-Napier, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch.

Work at Height Presentation

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