Safety Campaign – Does it Look right?

If something doesn’t look right – report it - you may save someone’s life

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) and Electricity Engineers Association (EEA) Boards established a joint Public Safety Working Group (PSWG) in 2014 with one of its objectives being to identify and communicate safety information to the public about the safety risks associated with electricity industry assets.

In support of this aim, working with WorkSafe Energy Safety, the PSWG has developed a campaign – Does it Look right? - to encourage members of the public to report to local electricity companies anything that doesn’t look right (or safe).

This might include:

    • Anything that looks too close to Overhead Lines such as trees
    • Anything that looks damaged or “not right” that might pose a safety risk particularly to children e.g. damaged or open gates to substations or damage to fences around waterways

The Intention

The intention is to educate and encourage members of the public to report anything that doesn’t look right to their local electricity company.

The PSWG will be developing consistent national messaging and supporting resources that will assist electricity companies at a local level. Information and links will be provided to local initiatives that companies have introduced in support of the campaign.

A number of pictograms have been produced in support of the campaign for use by EEA and EEA member companies and can be downloaded here: Does it Look right? - Pictograms

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