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Transport of High Loads through Electricity Network Areas in New Zealand


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The Guide was originally published in September 2008, was revised in 2015 and now updated in 2018 to reflect changes in legislation. The New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice No. 34 Electrical Safety Distances (ECP 34) remains unchanged. However, the Health and Safety in Employment Act has been replaced by the Health and Safety at Work Act; the Electricity Regulations 1997 have been superseded by the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010; and the Traffic Regulations 1976 have been superseded by various Land Transport Rules. The Rule applicable to the transport of high loads being Land Transport Rule - Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016.

The Guide includes, with a view to national standardisation, recommendations as to the content and form of the high load transport requests that are lodged by haulage contractors prior to the travel period and the Permissions that are issued in response by network operators. They suggest, wherever practicable, the establishment of high load corridors that may be used by haulage contractors without necessitating action by the relevant network operator and discuss the requirement to agree the travel period through the area.

The Guide makes no recommendation as to the fees that should be charged in cases when an operator incurs chargeable costs, other than to say that the operator should charge on a basis that is fair, reasonable, and justifiable.

Suggestions for clarifying, revising or supplementing the content should be sent to admin@eeea.co.nz.

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