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Supervision for Health and Safety (Guide)


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This Guide was originally issued as Guide to Supervision for Safety in 2006 and was revised and reissued in 2012.

This latest version has been prepared to provide guidance on the requirements for supervision for the health and safety of employees/workers undertaking work within the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI), and the obligations of all persons who make decisions that directly or indirectly affect the supervision for health and safety of employees/workers.

This Guide is an 'industry procedure' as defined in the Safety Manual - Electricity Industry (SM-EI) and provides recommended methods of achieving SM-EI requirements for supervision. Specific and general requirements of SM-EI must also be followed for work, and are not repeated in this Guide.

SCOPE The meaning of the term 'supervision' as it relates to workplace health and safety is a focus within the ESI. Clarification of its meaning continues to be developed as a result of key learnings such as from precedents arising from prosecutions under the new health and safety at work legislation (both in New Zealand and Australia).

This Guide focuses on the current understanding of the role of supervision as it relates to health and safety management within the ESI, and expands on the requirements set out in the industry safety rules. It focuses on the roles of supervision, and not just on the position description or designation of a person as a 'Supervisor'.

This Guide covers the requirements of supervision, during the pre-work planning, scheduling, organising and while work is actually taking place.

Changes from 2012 Version to 2018 Version
The key amendments relate to:
- The inclusion of 'health' into the scope and title of the Guide.
- The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016.
- Inclusion of guidance on overlapping duties under HSW Act
- The amended provisions made to the supervision requirements in the SM-EI July 2015 version. In particular, the new 'Responsible Employees (Safety)' role and amendments made to section 4, rules 1.401 and 1.402.
- An additional concept of supervision relating to the new Responsible Employees (Safety) role.
- The use of the term Supervisor rather than 'Employee in Charge' relating to the requirements of worksite supervision.
- New 'worker' and 'business' terminology and responsibilities.
- Additional new essential and desirable attributes for a supervisor.

The EEA will monitor the Guide and suggestions for changes should be sent to admin@eea.co.nz.

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