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Generating, transmitting and distributing high and low voltage electricity inevitably involves managing significant electrical hazards. In addition, the content of work in the electricity supply industry typically requires work that introduces a wide range of other hazards, such as working at height, confined spaces, difficult terrain and the use of many different types of plant and equipment. The EEA believes having a guide on Safety in Design (SiD) specifically written for the New Zealand electricity supply industry will be useful as the industry moves to fulfil the intent of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA), as well as enabling the standard of designs to be lifted so they have well-developed safety outcomes that go beyond rule-based compliance. The document has been developed by the EEA to assist businesses within the electricity supply industry in developing robust SiD processes that allow them to:

  • Consistently provide designs that are safe to construct, operate, maintain and decommission;
  • Document design decisions; and
  • Continuously improve the safety of designs used within the industry.

The EEA recognises its membership is broad in terms of their operations, scale and experience in applying SiD. The information in this guide therefore aims to be robust in content, but flexible in application. The guide provides:

  • A process for the implementation of SiD
  • Tools for use in frequently encountered situations
  • Guidance on how and when more specialist tools are to be used
  • Examples showing the practical application of SiD.

This document aims to assist organisations in the development and implementation of SiD concepts across the entire asset life cycle, meaning the document will be of interest to anyone involved in designing, constructing, operating, maintaining or decommissioning electricity supply assets. This includes operational and maintenance workers, construction managers, project managers, safety professionals, executives, designers and engineers.

A presentation slide pack is available to assist users in communicating the key aspects of the guide within their organisation.

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