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Full size image of Safety Management Systems for Public Safety to NZS 7901:2014 Handbook for ESI and GSI Companies (Issued 2015)

Safety Management Systems for Public Safety to NZS 7901:2014 Handbook for ESI and GSI Companies (Issued 2015)


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With the publication of the revised NZS 7901:2014 EEA and GANZ are reviewing supporting publications relating to Safety Management Systems for Public Safety. The initial work has covered the EEA/GANZ Toolkit, Handbook and Audit Tool, so that they align with the revised Standard. While the 2014 Standard will not be cited in the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 as the Standard to which PSMSs should be compliant until the advent of amendments to those regulations it will be useful for ESI and GSI companies to start thinking about their PSMSs and making such changes as will be necessary once the revised Standard becomes the benchmark.

Note that the revised Standard in itself provides considerably more guidance on PSMSs than the original. Consequently, the SMS Handbook is of lesser importance than it and the Toolkit were back in 2011. However, it should still serve to provide advice that is not in the revised Standard, including the provision of lists of generic sources of safety related risks (hazards) and the recognised and proven ways of reducing the risks that arise from them.

The main changes in the revised Handbook relate to the changes in the Standard, particularly the change from hazard identification and the control of significant hazards to the risk management approach set out in AS/NZS ISO 31000. However, some of the content of the original Handbook (on generic hazards and controls) has been moved to appendices, and a further appendix has been added on the content of public safety awareness programmes, which may be helpful as the industry moves towards the national implementation of such programmes. Much of the original Handbook content, e.g. the content on Safety and Operating Processes, remains unchanged, as little change was made to the Standard in some areas.

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