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Full size image of Automatic Reclose of HV Circuits Following a Fault (Guide)

Automatic Reclose of HV Circuits Following a Fault (Guide)


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This guide has been prepared by the Electricity Engineers’ Association. Its
purpose is to provide a nationally agreed document to help electricity network companies and contractors managing networks to determine an appropriate policy with regard to the automatic reclosing of a circuit following a tripping. In some cases there can be a public safety issue, if, for instance, a circuit is relivened following a vehicle accident and the occupants of the vehicle could be harmed by this action.

This guide discusses the issues regarding automatic reclosing of circuits and sets out some general principles for network managers and for control room operating staff. Every network has its own details of geography and engineering and this guide has not attempted to cover every situation. The responsibility for implementing a specific policy lies with the management of each company and this guide has not attempted to remove that responsibility.

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