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Full size image of Work on De-Energized Distribution Overhead Lines (Guide)

Work on De-Energized Distribution Overhead Lines (Guide)


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The safety rules (Safety Manual - Electricity Industry (SM-EI)) for the New Zealand electricity, generation, transmission and distribution industry set down the rules to be followed when isolating, testing and earthing electrical conductors or apparatus in general, and overhead lines in particular.

The Guide for Work on De-Energised Distribution Overhead Lines provides information additional to the rules to assist electricity industry lines staff in achieving the requirements of the safety rules for a range of situations and associated aspects that may be encountered on distribution overhead lines.

The Guide has had a substantial review in conjunction with the review of SM-EI prior to its publication in July 2015. The scope of the Guide is unchanged and the Guide is consistent with the requirements and terminology of SM-EI July 2015.

Issue 4 of the Guide places more emphasis on establishing earthing at the working position, and provides more recognition for the use of cover-up and/or insulating gloves and dielectric footwear. The recognition that certain lines may be disconnected and an equipotential zone then not be required has been deleted, in recognition of the general requirements in SM-EI that earthing is always required where a risk of harm exists.

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