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Safe Practices for Low Voltage Electrical Work (July 2012)


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Your knowledge and skill are trusted and depended on by your families, by your workmates (especially apprentices), by other people in the electrical industry of which the electricity supply industry is a subset, and by the public. This guide is designed to help you, as an electrical worker, to recognise the physical risks inherent in your work, and to use your knowledge and skills to ensure the safety of yourself and those who depend on you. The guide includes advice on the identification and control of electrical hazards and some of the non-electrical hazards commonly encountered during electrical work. Safe Practices for Low Voltage Electrical Work (July 2012) pricing per copy excl. GST: Large member rate: $6.00 Medium member rate: $8.00 Small member rate: $10.00 Individual member rate: $6.00 (one copy only) Non-member rate: $14.00 Terms and conditions Individual members are entitled to get one copy at the rate of $6.00, however additional copies will be based on the company's membership type or at the non-member rate ($14.00) if the company is not an EEA member. The EEA reserves the right to adjust and/or amend any invoice incorrectly applied.

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