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Writing Technical Standards for an Electricity Supply Business: Upskilling workshop: WORKSHOP CONFIRMED

20 November 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sudima Hotel
550 Memorial Avenue
Christchurch Airport

Writing technical standards for an electricity supply business: Upskilling Workshop


The electricity supply industry relies heavily upon documented in house standards to support the delivery of high-quality safety, asset management and engineering/technical outcomes within their businesses.

Standards, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other documents form an important part of safety, risk management, and compliance systems used by businesses. As well, these standards can support improved workmanship, better work management and more efficient expenditure.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at people in your business who either write or are key contributors to the delivery of your standards or documents. This can include engineers, technical staff and health & safety professionals, supervisors, field staff, consultants or suppliers writing business standards for use by others in areas such as safety, and the building, operating, or maintaining of assets.

This one-day workshop will help people write clear, concise and user-friendly technical standards. It goes through the process of developing standards; the key points of standards drafting and looks at facilitation skills which will improve engagement with stakeholders involved.

What will I get out of this training?

Attendees will learn key writing techniques to develop standards that people will read and follow.

  • Reviewers and end-users of standards will understand what a 'good' standard should look like and be empowered to push back on poorly written standards.
  • Managers will be given the tools to quickly assess the quality of your standards and get insights into 'learn how to select a capable team to develop your standards'.
  • Everyone will get the professional edge over their peers. If you can communicate more clearly than your peers, you will have the edge in getting a job ahead of them.


This training covers how writers, reviewers and approvers can work together as a team to successfully develop powerful standards. There are self-assessed interactive exercises throughout the course.

Part 1: Introduction - What are standards and why are they important?

Part 2: Effective writing techniques

Part 3: Pathway to becoming a competent Technical Writer

Part 4: Effective reviewing techniques

Part 5: How to successfully develop standards as a team

The course also uses examples and exercises specific to electrical maintenance standards - the principles of which are relevant for other business standards. Each attendee will receive a comprehensive course manual and a quick reference guide.


The workshop presenter is Duncan O'Donnell from Do Consulting. Duncan has over thirteen years' experience in the industry and specialises in writing standards for power companies. He is a standards writer with a wealth of practical experience writing network maintenance standards for substation and distribution equipment, poles, towers, lines; HV test equipment & testing standards; connection codes, and metering. He has also written standards for other asset classes including buildings, grounds and facilities, solar equipment, communication equipment, ripple plant, generators, rail, tunnels, water supply networks and battery energy stations.

Feedback on previous training: "Excellent training. I am certain that it will improve the quality of writing for our Standards, SOPs and other important technical documents. I was impressed by the comprehensiveness of the content, relevance to our industry and the effective delivery of learning." (Waqar Qureshi, Horizon Networks)

INHOUSE WORKSHOP: The EEA can provide 'inhouse' workshops on request, contact


Workshop confirmed

Date: Wednesday 20th November 2019

Place: Sudima Hotel, 550 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch

The Workshop timings are: 9.00am sign in, start 9.30am and finish 5.00pm

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This course is subject to a minimum number of attendees and will only be confirmed once these numbers are reached.

Note: An invoice will be generated and emailed only once the minimum numbers of attendees; minimum attendees is 12 and the maximum is 25, has been reached and the course confirmed. Please hold any travel arrangements until we have confirmed the course.

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