The Health and Safety Workshop 2018 was held in Wellington on the 10th and 11th October at Harbourside Function Venue. The theme was Good Businesses Achieve Great Health and Safety Outcomes.

The Programme and About the Presenters

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Presentations - Day 1

Paula Rose - Consultant, Independent Director

Five years on from Government's Health and Safety Review: How are we going?

Jono Brent - Chief Executive, Connetics

Safety2: How it helps us to do Safety1 even better

Heath Frewin - Head of Distribution, Energy Networks, Australia

Mental Health in the Electricity Industry

Graeme Johnson - Quality and Compliance Manager, Aurora

Peter Berry - Executive Director, EEA

Harvey O'Sullivan - EEA Safety Standards and Procedures Group (SSPG) Chair

EEA Update 1:

Louisa George - Health and Safety Business Partner, Genesis

Dan Quinn - Asbestos Management Advisor, Transpower

Panel Discussion - Topic: Implementing the Asbestos Regulations

Note: no presentation

Yolanda Beattie - Practice Leader, Learning and Inclusion, Mercer

Diversity: The canary in the industry coalmine

Candice Tiananga - Careers Manager, Connexis ITO

Girls in Hi-Vis ® 2018

Presentations - Day 2

Yolanda Beattie - Practice Leader, Learning and Inclusion,Mercer

James Dodwell - Principal Advisor, Health and Safety, EEA

Interactive Session - Achieving Diversity:
What are the challenges and how can we work together?

Juliet Clendon - Technical Advisor, EEA

James Dodwell - Principal Advisor, Health and Safety, EEA

Peter Berry - Executive Director, EEA

EEA Updates 2:

Robert Ball - Safety Specialist, Wind, Meridian

Case Study: The danger of inadequate dropzones

Stephen Albrecht - Network HSEQ Manager, Mainpower

Case Study: LV backfees

Grant Nicholson - Partner, Kensington Swan

Case-law, trends, enforceable undertakings, and managing investigations

Nigel Barbour - Chief Executive, Powerco

Leadership in Health and Safety

Tony Hetherington - Head of High Hazards, Energy and Public Safety, WorkSafe New Zealand

What's happening at WorkSafe

Richard Griffiths - Strategic Asset Manager, Meridian/StayLive Chair


Francios Barton - Executive Director, Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum

The challenge going forward

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