Annual Power Engineering Exchange (APEX) Summit Southern 2013

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Julien Arts, Contact Energy

Julien graduated from the University of Canterbury with a degree in electrical engineering in 2009, and has been working with Contact Energy since then. His work has primarily been focused on the interface between Contact Energy’s power stations and the national grid, with an emphasis on compliance and ancillary services. This has involved working on the commissioning of two new gas turbines at Stratford Power Station, after which he focused on governor and excitation system testing and modelling. Julien has spent the last year project managing the design, installation and commissioning of a multiple frequency keeping system.

Multiple Frequency Keeping

Multiple frequency keeping has recently been implemented in the North Island as a method of correcting imbalances between generation and load in the New Zealand power system. It differs from previous frequency keeping methods, in that now the System Operator acts as a central point of control, with the ability to send out MW setpoint instructions to several market participants at once. To achieve this, new communications infrastructure was required for the fast, accurate and secure transmission of data that was required to achieve a sufficient level of control. The installation of this infrastructure provides flexibility for future applications which will help enable the integration of renewable energy sources and smart grid technology. This presentation is from a generation company’s point of view, highlighting the technology used, the problems faced and the changes made to the plant control systems to accommodate acceptance of a MW setpoint from a remote site. In addition to this, the wider implications of such communications for Contact Energy’s other power stations are discussed, particularly with respect to security of control system networks, wear and tear on the plant, cost-benefit and possible future developments in this field.


 Alan Wightman

 Arc Flash Hazard Assessments for Renewable Generation and Future                         

 Craig Thornton

 Design considerations for Upgrading BPE-HAY 220 kV Single Circuit Transmission

 Dennis Keen

 The GFN—Not So Flash? and Part 2

 Dina Elwy

 Series Compensation

 Ian Williamson

 Harnessing Urban Wind

 Jackson Lung

 Practical Examples of Arc Flash Assessment in the New Zealand Electrical Industry

 Jenny Chi/John Burland

 Mobile Substation for the National Grid

 Julien Arts

 Multiple Frequency Keeping

 Mathew Baird

 Hydraulic Transient Modelling—Keeping catastrophic failures virtual

 Nick Wyatt

 Grappling with Switchgear: Delta’s first steps towards an Asset Health Future

 Rroy Sison/Karan Singh

 New Zealand HVDC Link

Thomas Patrick

Power Failure/Outage Management—Design Considerations for Mobile Diesel Gensets

 Tim Field/Nabil Adam

Condition Monitoring Algorithms

 Weihao Zhou

Distributed Generation

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