The Electricity Authority (Authority) has completed phase one of its review of the 9th August 2021 electricity cuts under section 16(1)(g) of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 and published its 1st report today.

The report highlights shortcomings in the system operator's tools and processes in response to the 9 August event.

"The grid emergency on 9th August 2021 was a very rare and serious event. The Authority's phase one review sought immediate assurance that any systemic and process issues associated with the system operator's demand allocation decision support tool and communications surrounding the event have been corrected," says Authority Chief Executive James Stevenson-Wallace.

"The actions taken by the system operator since 9th August provide assurance the system operator has learned from the operational shortcomings exposed during the 9th August event. This was demonstrated on 17th August when the system operator responded with clear communication through multiple channels when a grid emergency occurred."

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