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Safety Climate Project

To support Industry companies focus proactive leadership around health and safety issues affecting the workplace, to measure and benchmark around positive H&S themes, to improve and maintain healthy safety climate, the EEA initiated the Safety Climate Project (SCP).

The SCP represents a collaborative approach among the EEA, Orange Umbrella Limited and SCP user companies to achieve an ongoing improvement process based on management engagement with employees around their perception of their safety experience at work.

The process is data driven, yielding indicators about how well workplace interactions and systems are working to maintain consistently good safety performance.  The SCP assessment process is integrated with improvement processes that enable employee/management dialogue and the agreement of specific plans and objectives to proactively improve company safety.

The SCP process has assisted individual companies in understanding safety dynamics within their businesses and to achieve demonstrable safety and productivity gains. The SCP has also provided valuable industry safety benchmarks and feedback which is helping the EEA identify and support national issues.

SCP Resources and Information

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