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The interpretations contained in this website are issued based on the inquiry made, and apply to the circumstances of the inquiry and the requirements of SM-EI. Each interpretation may or may not apply to other circumstances.

The EEA and the electricity industry representatives involved in formulating these interpretations accept no liability or responsibility for any error in or omission from an interpretation, or any injury, loss, damage (including indirect or consequential loss or damage).

Note: The EEA Safety Standards & Procedures Group no longer supports the archived interpretations given prior to 2007. They are provided here for historic reference.


2018 Interpretations

2017 Interpretations

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2015 Interpretations

2014 Interpretations

2012 Interpretation

2009 Interpretation

2007 Interpretation

2006 Interpretation

2005 Interpretation

2004 Interpretation

2002 Interpretation

SR-EI 2002


The EEA Safety Systems & Procedures Group no longer supports the interpretations given prior to 2007 as listed below. They are provided here for historic reference only and have been archived here as an accumulation of historical records.

2012 Interpretation Archived

2006 Interpretations - Archived

2005 Interpretations - Archived

2004 Interpretations - Archived

SR-EI - 2003 - Archived

SR-EI - 2002 - Archived

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