Amendments have been identified as necessary and approved for inclusion.


September 2016

The EEA has received a number of enquiries regarding the safe use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) with two out-riggers with respect to the requirement in the current SM-EI safety rules that MEWPs shall:

  • be designed for use without outriggers or have four outriggers (Rule 2.1008 b i third bullet point)

This requirement has been discussed in detail by EEA’s Safety Standards & Procedures Group. The Group has decided that this bullet point should be deleted. It was recognised that the emphasis should be on pre-job planning and this would require selecting the right vehicle for the job irrespective of the number, if any, of out-riggers.

The issue will be discussed in detail in the next SM-EI Newsletter to be published December 2016. The article will emphasise the need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the limitations of use of such MEWPs.

  • Rule 2.1008 b i. : be designed for use without outriggers or have four outriggers. Deleted

November 2015

The purpose of this amendment is to recognise the circumstances where a temporary earth may be removed for testing under an access permit.

  • Rule 3.602 1.iv. is to be amended by adding after 'has been issued' the words ', or when rule 3.505 applies,'.

Errata have been identified as follows;

  • In the Preface of SM-EM Parts 1 & 2 the reference to rule 2.1203 should be to rule 2.1303 (Safety helmets).
  • SM-EI Parts 1 & 2 Index;
    • Personal protective equipment. Delete 1.110, add 1.304
    • Worksite safety plan. Delete 1.305, add 1.304
  • SM-EI Part 3 Index;
    • Personal protective equipment. Delete 1.110 and 3.303, add 1.508 and 3.304
    • Worksite safety plan. Delete 3.305, add 3.304

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