We are very excited to be able to share with you that the outcomes of an industry-wide survey the EEA's Professional Development Group undertook at the end of last year, have now been released.

The results have been categorised into 7 areas. This data will help us understand the make-up of the industry, what professional development areas the industry would like to focus on now and into the future.

  • Who we are - the age profile, roles and makeup of the industry;
  • Qualifications and recruiting - the qualifications held, where they were gained and recruitment issues;
  • Competence - summarises competency frameworks and identifies behavioural and technical competences organisations are looking for;
  • Training areas - key training areas identified;
  • Our current development approach - how we are currently training and developing our people;
  • Future roles - participants provided a view on the roles that are required over the next ten years.

To view and/or download the Survey Summary Report click here.


The Professional Development Group was set up in July last year and is chaired by Michael Whaley from Powerco. Its objectives are to;

  • collaborate with industry, learners, providers and Government to understand professional development needs in the electricity supply industry
  • support delivery of relevant and quality professional development enhance the uptake and value of professional development for engineers, technical and safety professionals
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and sustain professional development training delivery
  • create a development ecosystem

If you have any questions or would like to see a copy of the report, please contact

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