Safety Manual-Electricity Industry (SM-EI) Parts 1&2 and Part 3 Consolidated Electronic Version (E-Copy) is available to EEA Corporate Members*.

Electronic Version of SM-EI - A Sustainable Option

To reflect the growing use of electronic tablets by field staff and increasing use of SM-EI by ESI company staff responsible for design, planning and field operations, the EEA has produced a consolidated electronic version (E-Copy) of the Safety Manual - Electricity Industry Parts 1, 2 and 3.

The SM-EI E-Copy can be uploaded onto a company's intranet and individual tablets. It makes SM-EI accessible to all staff, is searchable and also provides electronic access to other key EEA guides that support the safety processes and outcomes in SM-EI.

Having SM-EI available in electronic format also means any amendments agreed by industry can be quickly made by the SSPG and the new version of SM-EI E-Copy made available to subscribing companies. The latest SM-EI E-Copy version already includes the recent amendment notified to all SM-EI users.

The EEA is charging an annual subscription for SM-EI E-Copy. The revenue from the SM-EI and other Health & Safety Guide subscriptions and sales - including the E-Copy, are an important part of providing funds to enable and support EEA's pan industry work on safety and health.

The annual subscription framework recognises a companies EEA Corporate Membership level; Large $1,200, Medium $1,100 & Small $1,000 (note is a per annum cost and GST exclusive). Please note the SM-EI E-Copy Licence is only available to EEA Corporate Members.

If you are interested in using SM-EI E-Copy please contact the EEA on with 'SM-EI E-Copy' in the subject line or submit the registration of interest form found below.

Registration of Interest for a SM-EI E-Copy Subscription

To register your interest in a SM-EI E-Copy Subscription you can complete the 'Electronic Registration of Interest' form by clicking on the icon below.

Corporate Members

To view the current Corporate Members list, click here.*

If you are not a EEA Corporate Member and would like information about joining the EEA please follow this link here or email with 'Join the EEA' in the subject line.

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