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Electricity Price Review - Section E7 "Strengthen the Commerce Commissions powers to regulate distributors"

The comments of the Electricity Engineers' Association (EEA) relate specifically to Section E7 "Strengthen the Commerce Commission's powers to regulate distributors".

The purpose of the EEA submission is to highlight to the Review Panel that the industry already has material that provides "minimum practice" or "good practice" standards to distributors' asset management plans.

If further work is required in these areas, EEA would welcome the opportunity to work with the Panel, Commerce Commission and industry stakeholders to produce new guidance/performance measures or to review and update existing guidance to support ongoing improvement in industry asset management processes, reporting, benchmarking and stakeholder assurance.

EEA is also collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop further guidelines on 'Asset Criticality' and 'infrastructure Resilience' which further support improvement in asset management.

The Association is also actively engaged on behalf of industry, in the evolving international Standards (IEC and ISO) relating to 'good' asset management.

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