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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Courses

The EEA run in conjunction with industry practitioners through QUT PESTC (Queensland University of Technology Postgraduate Electricity Supply Training Courses) a number of courses throughout the year.

These are available to EEA Members and Non members to attend. We aim to hold a selection of courses each year of up to six to eight in total.

QUT Courses Overview

Select from the course titles below, to view and/or download, information about the QUT courses on offer.

QUT Courses Calendar 2017 - 2018

The course planning to the end of financial year 2017 - 2018 is as follows:

April 2017 - Completed

    1. EEP224 Underground Cable Engineering - Christchurch: 5th - 7th

July 2017 - Completed

      1. EEP241 Distance Protection - Wellington: 5th - 7th

      August 2017 - Cancelled

        1. EEP211 Basic Power System Protection - Wellington 7th - 9th

      October 2017 - Postponed till 2018

        1. EEP219 Power and Distribution Transformers

      February 2018

        1. EEP205 Power Systems Fault Calculations

      March 2018

        1. EEP220 Distribution Planning

      This calendar is provisional and will be subject to change depending on lecturer / venue availability and registrations. As these courses are subject to a minimum number of attendees they will only be confirmed once these numbers are reached.

      For any further information or to register your future interest in the QUT courses email with QUT in the subject line.

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