This year's forum was focused around Assets, Opportunities and Innovation in the asset management aspect of the electricity business.

The Asset Management Forum 2019 addressed and develops this key aspect of the electricity business. It brought together the technical knowledge and experience of New Zealand professionals and visiting Keynotes, with the development work the EEA's Asset Management Group has been progressing through the year. The programme can be view below: Programme

Dave Brannigan- EEA AMG Chair / Orion
Welcome and AMG Work Programme 2019/2020
Eric Wolters and Paul Blackmore - Powerco
Asset Criticality Guide
Gheeyew Ng - Prysmian Group
Conductor Analysis
Robert Berrill - Tribe Lead Physical Infrastructure, Spark
5G Networks: Spark
Richard LeGros - ENA
ENA network transformation
Dr Radnya Mukhedkar - EPE Centre Director, University of Canterbury
Empowering the future: programme
Brent Norris - Commerce Commission
Reflections from the engineering team
Paul Blackmore - Powerco and Sean McCready - EEA
Conductor Guide Management Panel:

Conductors Working Group

CA Tools, Testing programme, sharing information, date and approach
Peter Berry - EEA
Industry Health and Safety update
Sharee McNab - University of Canterbury
DGHost to EVHost
Peter Berry - EEA and Tony Raper - WSP OPUS
Overhead design handbook
Mike Whaley - Powerco What are the issues you see in industry now and future?

Mark Mitchell - Transpower
Work Order Risk Prioritisation (WORP) using Machine Learning
Iain Sanders - Powerco
Asset Information: Sharing data for collaboration
Neil Jelley and Michael Eschenbruch - Genesis
Predictive analytics
Andrew Renton - Transpower
LoRaWAN trials
Tas Scott - Mitton Electronet Resilience Guide: Progress and Workshop:
Questions and Exercise
1. Applying Resilience management maturity assessment tool
2. What does good critical spares management look like?
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