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Best APEX Presentation Winner 2017

David Stevens, Transpower

David Stevens studied mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury, graduating in 2013. Since graduating, he secured a role on Transpower’s Graduate Programme followed by a position on the Grid Engineering Lines team.

Aerial Line Survey Data Developments and Applications

The introduction of Transpower’s Aerial Survey programme in 2001 has provided a data set that has become invaluable to enable Transpower to deliver its business model. An Aerial Survey is a method of collecting geomatics or imagery using aeroplane, helicopters, UAV’s or other aerial methods. LiDAR, or ‘Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging’, by Helicopter is Transpower’s present preferred data collection method.

The way in which the data is used varies widely, and benefits many parts of Transpower’s business and external parties. The data supports line design, compliance, substation design, easement negotiations, among many others.

Transpower has developed the Aerial Survey method over time, though there are still some limitations. There are many emerging technologies which Transpower is also looking at bringing in to strengthen this data set further and fill in some of these gaps. The main limitations for discussion include the cost of survey and the impact of ageing of data.

People's Choice Award 2017

Ben Snalam, Marlborough Lines

Ben Snalam finished up his engineering degree from the University of Canterbury in 2012. Since then he has completed four years in the electrical industry working as an electrical engineer for Marlborough Lines. Ben describes himself as a generalist, so far his work has included substation design and project management for power transformer installations, management of a fleet of mobile generators, earthing system reviews, operations planning, architecting asset structure for an asset management system, drafting maintenance standards and supporting MLL’s integrated engineering analysis and outage management system. Occasionally, he is utilised as a control room operator.

Getting the right information using humans

Good information is vitally important to the effective management of Assets. Data comes in many shapes and forms, e.g. current, voltage, power, harmonics levels from CTs and VTs, DGA readings from transformers, and SCADA data on CB operations. On its own, data is just a series of numbers, to make it into information and useful it needs analysis and consideration. One of the most versatile and often overlooked tools in our arsenal is the field services worker. Observant and well trained people can often identify issues before the numbers reveal them.

As young engineers, we are often positioned on the interface between the field staff and the rest of the organisation. It is not uncommon for field staff to feel remote from management. This can result in missed opportunities and poor data collection. We have an opportunity to facilitate effective communication and build up rapport, thereby both improving data collection, teamwork, individual moral and organisation performance.


Hamish Janett, Meridian Energy

Assessment of Pressure Relief Valve Suitability (not available for download)

Maria Fernando, Mitton ElectroNet

Impeding explosion? Or just gassy? - Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) in Substation Transformers

Rebecca Harkerss, Wellington Electricity

Importance of data in Network Outage Investigations carried out by Wellington Electricity to improve the management of its assets

Andrew McFarlane, Marlborough Lines

Picton 33kV Dual Circuit Crossarm Replacement

Charles Chen, Meridian Energy

Waitaki Tail Water Level Instrumentation Replacement

Gene Sams, Meridian Energy

Aviemore Fault Displacement Device (AFDD) (not available for download)

David Stevens, Transpower

Aerial Line Survey Data Developments and Applications

Segar Manoharan, Beca

3D Design and Modelling of High Voltage Substations

Simon Gasson, Beca

Streamlining data for efficient transmission design

Jarrod Wyatt, Meridian Energy

Condition Assessment Criteria & the Data Required for Hydropower Generating Units

Ben Dobson, Beca

Modernising SCADA Today for Tomorrow's Needs

Ben Snalam, Marlborough Lines

Getting the right information using humans

Panel Session

Gareth Arnold, Aurecon

Michael Hwang, Meridian Energy
Bhaba Das, ETEL Transformers
Jennifer Dale, Orion
Hamish Fleming, Orion

Utilisation of data in the electricity industry: Opportunities and Challenges

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