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Gavin Austin, Mitton ElectroNet

Gavin is an Assistant Engineer, joining MEL after completing his engineering degree at the University of Canterbury in 2013. Since joining MEL Gavin has undertaken a range of studies, including arc flash studies, lightning studies, PSCAD modelling, earthing system modelling and earth grid testing.

Mitigating Earthing Hazards

Earthing systems are an essential element within a power system, providing reference voltage levels for the system, and paths for fault currents to flow.

Under fault conditions, large voltages may arise on the earthing system of a site, creating the potential for hazardous voltages to exist, both inside and outside of the site. Three categories of hazard exist: touch voltages, step voltages, and reach voltages. These hazards can be identified through earth grid modelling or earth grid injection testing.

Once hazards have been identified, there are often many mitigation options available, ranging from the cheap and simple to implement, to complex earthing schemes. Hazards can exist onto a wide range of equipment within the substation, and onto third party infrastructure, requiring a wide range of approaches to mitigation. Mitigation options include refurbishing the existing earth grid or infrastructure to remove the hazards or replacing the existing infrastructure with more suitable alternatives. Risk based analysis may also be used to determine whether mitigation is necessary.


 Bishoy Mikhail       

 Underground Network Constraints Analysis                                       

 Jennifer Wen & Daniel Law 

 Orion Asset Management Practice

 Edlyn Colaco

 BPE-HAY A&B Reconductoring Project

 Jeremy Minogue

 Ditch or Keep? Dealing with redundant communication systems

 Gavin Austin

 Mitigating Earthing Hazards

 Todd Rabbitt

 Low load growth effects on network Maintenance

 Tony Tang (Gurjeet Malhi) 

 Horizon Energy ABS Replacement Project: Asset Replacement rather than Maintain

 Jack Stainton

 The Upgrade of an 11kV RPS Switchboard

 Johnathon Fulcher

 Cost-Effective Solutions for Investment Deferral

 Lewis Toman

 DCBs and CSAs: Saying goodbye to disconnectors in Transpower 110kV switchyards

 Kelsey Keenan

 Waitaki Generator 3—What a refurbishment project can mean

Reuben Meder

 Papanui Zone Substation—Transformer Rationalisation

Mitchell Beggs

 Manapouri Power Station Drainage System Upgrade - Part 1 & Part 2

 Sam Masters

 Foundation Residual Life Assessment

 Harsharan Singh

 Hawera Substation Reconfiguration and Refurbishment

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