Annual Power Engineering Exchange (APEX) Northern 2011

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Ritika Sinha - Power Systems Group, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Auckland.

At the time of the APEX 2011 Northern Summit, Ritika was completing her BE (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics engineering at the University of Auckland.

Comparative Assessment of 11 kV Bus Protection Schemes

Timely bus protection is extremely critical due to the widespread instability of the power system that can occur due to a bus fault. In order to clear a fault in the bus, all the circuit breakers of the line that are connected to it have to be tripped. At present the protection scheme that is currently in place for the 11kV bus in most of the utilities is a directional blocking scheme which is a subset of the Zone-interlocked protection scheme.

At the University of Auckland, as part of a Part IV Final Year Project, an assessment of the various options available for Bus protection has been carried out. The protection schemes that are analyzed in detail are Zone Interlocked Bus Protection Scheme, Arc Flash Protection Scheme and Zone Interlocked Bus Protection Scheme with IEC61850 based GOOSE Messaging. The three protection schemes had to be evaluated for the following criteria: Selectivity, security, speed, cost and complexity. Simulations of fault waveforms and testing of protection relays were carried out to evaluate the performance of each protection scheme. A comparison matrix was prepared using the information obtained by testing these protection schemes in the Power systems lab. This presentation will deliver the learning and experience of this project.


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