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Guide for the Selection of Work Methods to Undertake Low Voltage Work on Electricity Supply Assets - Consultation Draft

A consultation draft version of the Guide for the Selection of Work Methods to Undertake Low Voltage Work on Electricity Supply Assets is now available for review and comment by stakeholders. Comments close on Friday, 30 November.


The Draft has been prepared as a guidance document for the New Zealand Electricity Supply Industry by the EEA's National Committee on Live Work (NCLW) and reviewed by Safety Standards and Procedures Group (SSPG). The structure of the draft guide is similar to the HV Work Selection Guide developed by industry and the EEA in 2017.

This Guide has been prepared to assist PCBUs within the electricity supply industry to apply a transparent structured risk assessment approach to determine the appropriate work method to undertake Low Voltage work. Specifically, to help determine, based on a balance of risk, the selection between a de-energised work method or a live work method to undertake work on LV lines, cables or associated equipment. In both cases, the work method must be selected in accordance with the requirements of the HSW Act.

This Guide is intended to be read in conjunction with the EEA's Guide to Live LV Electrical Work and the Safety Manual Electricity Industry (SM-EI).

Industry Comment

Please consult with your stakeholder and comment is welcomed on all aspects of this Guide.

When providing feedback and identification of issues, omissions and improvements, the EEA would appreciate you using the Comments Form available from the link below and in your feedback incorporating recommended additions/amendments for the NCLW to consider. Comments close on Friday, 30 November.

Please click here to access the draft consultation guide and comments form

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