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Safety Alert Reporting

A vital part of the electricity industry's improvements on health and safety comes from listing and learning from incidents around the industry. The Safety Alerts - Accident & Incident Reports held by the EEA are a comprehensive collation of such incidents available online to members. By submitting accident and incident report/s your organisation is contributing to this valuable information.

There are three ways you can share your safety alerts with the EEA and the electricity supply industry:

1. Online: by filling in an online Incident Reporting form, attaching your safety alert to your message,

2. Email: by forwarding your electronic safety alerts to,

3. Template: by using our safety alert reporting template (Word document), then forwarding that through to us at

Our safety alert reporting template is a recent tool we've been preparing with the support of the Safety Standards and Procedures Group (SSPG) and in close relation with the industry. We hope that this tool, through the use of dropdown lists and check boxes options, will help standardise and facilitate high-level information sharing and analysis of serious injury and fatality exposure, significant near misses and other important safety observations in our industry. Information sought in the template includes event type, harm exposure, event mechanism, contributing factors, actions and recommendations.

The use of this new template is optional and does not prevent Members from sharing their safety information by email or through our online form as they have been doing in the past. However we encourage everyone to refer to the template definitions to identify the level of details the EEA would ideally seek for consistent industry analysis.

Please note that the information gathered through such industry sharing is analysed and results in the production of six-monthly reports for Members access only.

Submitting a safety alert

By providing this specific safety incident information you agree to the following terms:

1. This information is provided by you solely for the purpose of improving safety in the electricity industry.

2. You acknowledge that the EEA collects and makes this information available solely to authorised users of the incident reports on the EEA website and industry stakeholders.

3. You warrant that you have checked or assessed the information provided in the incident reports, and warrant its correctness.

4. You acknowledge that the EEA will not check or assess the information provided in the incident reports, and will not warrant its correctness. It is simply making those reports available to the electricity industry via authorised users.

5. You warrant that the full incident report, or any information in it, does not identify any individual or contain such information that makes ant individual readily identifiable.

6. You warrant that you have obtained the appropriate permission and/or consent to include in the report any information which is not your information.

7. You acknowledge that the EEA does not accept liability for any information contained in incident reports supplied to the EEA by you.

8. You acknowledge that another person may use this information to help their organisation improve safety by learning from past incidents.


  • I can't edit the reporting template. What should I do?
  • To be able to use the dropdown lists that are contained in the template, you will need to 'enable editing' and then 'enable macros/content' as per the screenshots below.
  • The macros in the template allow for selection of the layered dropdown lists, which will automatically update based on earlier choices.
  • Example: When the type of event selected is 'injury', a second dropdown list, 'injury type', becomes available to select from.
  • What happens once I've sent through a safety alert?
  • Once a safety alert is received, an identification number is allocated (a three digit code followed by the year of reporting). Then, once reviewed, it will be shared with EEA Members by email and through the Safety Alerts page on our website.
  • I've already shared a safety alert in regards to one particular incident, but now I've got additional information on this event that I would like to share. What should I do?
  • Usually safety alerts are released and circulated soon after the event occurred, and further relevant information and learning outcomes may often be unknown at the time of issue. Any subsequent report related to an existing safety alert is allocated the same identification number as the first alert, followed with a suffix. This encourages companies to update their safety alerts with any corrections, learnings or additional information once investigations have been completed.
  • Can I still share my company's safety alerts even if I don't use your reporting template?
  • Yes, all ESI companies are encouraged to share their safety alerts by whatever means they prefer. If you do not wish to use our reporting template, you can either fill in our online incident reporting form or forward your electronic safety alert to
  • I wish to submit a safety alert, but I would like my organisation's name to remain anonymous.
  • To prepare an anonymous safety alert, you will need to fill in the reporting template leaving your company and contact details blank, and ensuring that no information in your safety alert can lead back to your company. You will still need to use your name and email address to correspond with us, but these details will not be disclosed.
  • Do you check or amend the information shared in the safety alerts?
  • The EEA does not check or assess the information provided in the safety alerts received, and does not warrant their correctness. The EEA may discuss, prior to publication, any concerns specific to a safety alert with the person who provided the alert. In particular, if the safety alert references an equipment supplier, the EEA recommends that the reporting company shares the content of the report with the mentioned equipment supplier before publication to the wider industry.
  • How do you ensure confidentiality of the safety alerts that are shared with you?
  • All safety alerts received by the EEA are collated and available via a password-protected webpage, which is only accessible to EEA Corporate Members, their staff, and EEA Individual Members working for the electricity supply industry. Safety alerts are also shared via email, which includes a disclaimer, to EEA Members only. Please see our full disclaimer on our Safety Alerts main webpage.
  • What are the terms and conditions that apply with sharing safety alerts to the EEA?
  • Please see our full disclaimer in the orange box above. For accessing the terms and conditions that apply with accessing safety alerts published on the EEA website, please see the full disclaimer on our Safety Alerts main webpage.
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