Leading indicators - Industry project

In February 2017, the EEA Safety Standards and Procedure Group (SSPG) agreed to support an industry-wide leading indicators project for occupational health and safety. The project was launched with the objective to complement the existing ESI lagging measures and further assist the industry in its aim to reduce harm. As part of this project, EEA and SSPG are actively engaged with StayLive (to link this work with generation sector developments) and Energy Networks Australia (to exchange on our respective industry-wide leading indicators project and for potential benchmark developments).

The first stage of this project involved EEA preparing a research paper on leading indicator monitoring practices at a company level in the electricity supply industry. The paper was presented at the EEA Conference in June 2017, with the intent to inspire industry discussion on any challenges and practical opportunities for the development of industry-wide leading indicators.

This discussion was on the agenda at the EEA H&S Workshop in October 2017, where EEA proposed a common industry definition of leading and lagging indicators, as well as a list of potential leading indicators for industry-wide monitoring. After consultation with the industry, StayLive and SSPG, a final set of five leading indicators was approved at the May SSPG meeting for industry-wide implementation. The proposal also incorporated minor updates to the existing lagging measures.

The full Conference paper and the lagging and leading indicators for industry-wide monitoring can be downloaded below. The new and reviewed measures will be implemented from July 2018 onwards.

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