Previous Conference Award Winners

Best Paper Award (EEA Member)

2021 Rodger Griffiths (Electronet Services) 'Conductor Down - A Ground breaking Safety Solution for Overhead Distribution Networks'
2019 Shaun Allan, Phil Bunnage, Jamie Morrison (Orion NZ Ltd) 'Building resilience for our Port Township'
2018 Alaisdair Reid, (Orion NZ Ltd) 'Safety in Design at Orion'
2017 Peter Armstrong, (Waipa Networks) 'Initial Lessons from St Kilda, Cambridge, a 100% Photovoltaic Subdivision'
2016 Philip Boys, (Mitton Electronet Ltd) 'Soil Resistivity Testing for Earthing Safety - is there a better way?
2015 Allan Miller (EPECentre, University of Canterbury) 'Electric Vehicles and demand response: An Economic Perspective'
2014 Ami Singh (Genesis Energy)
'Power Transformers in New Zealand: A REview of Current Fleet Age, Asset Management Strategies and Procurement Practices'
2013 Geoff Douch (Wellington Electricity)
'Infrastructure Resilience & Emergency Response'
Rodger Griffiths (ElectroNet Services)
'Statically Excited - In Ten Days Flat!'
2011 Richard Gibbons (LineTech Consulting)
'Good Governance and Good Engineering - do they really go together?'
2010 Bryan Leyland (Leyland Consultants)
'Lessons from the accident at the Sayano-Shuskenaya Hydropower Station'
2009 Marshall Clark (Transpower NZ)
'A Strategy for an Aging Fleet of Transformers'
2008 Murray Hendrickson (Network Tasman)
'Sub-transmission Automation at Network Tasman'
2007 Tas Scott (Orion NZ)
'The First Application of Resonant Earthing with Residual Current Compensation to a NZ Distribution Network'
2006 Stephen Hirsch (Orion NZ)
'Resonant Earthing - Advantages & Disadvantages. Why do we not use it in New Zealand?'
2005 Frank Lewis and Richard Fairbairn (Sinclair Knight Merz)
'The Connection Minefield'

Best Paper Award (Non-Member)

2021 Eric Pyle & Gareth Williams (Solarcity) 'A New Era of Innovation in the Power System'
2019 Stephen Butler (PSC NZ Ltd) 'Integration of Remote Offshore Energy with High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)'
2018 Dr. Thomas Smolka, (Reinhausen Australia) 'Benefits of using voltage regulating distribution transformers for grid integration of renewables - Lessons learned from first installations in Australia and New Zealand'
2017 Nirmal Nair, (University of Auckland)
'Assessing California's Distribution Resources Plan approach for New Zealand Distributors'
2016 Tony Mulholland, (Andritz Hydro) 'Challenges for Hydro Generators Caused by Frequent Start-Stop Operation'
2015 Chris O'Halloran (Tesla Consultants) 'Earth Fault Protection in Sub-Transmission Systems'
2014 Allan Miller (EPECentre, University of Canterbury)
'Photovoltaic Solar Power Uptake in New Zealand'
2013 Shreejan Panday (University of Canterbury)
'Tongan Schools go Solar; 8 kW Photovoltaic System Design & Installation by University of Canterbury Students in Five Tongan Schools'
Neville Watson (University of Canterbury)
'Power Quality State Estimation: A New Concept'
2011 Michael Dalzell (Transpower NZ)
'DC Currents in the New Zealand AC Power Systems'
2010 Herman Vogel (GE Energy)
'Moisture assessment in power transformer insulation'
2009 'Ken Pattie and Michael Whaley (Powerco)
'Maintaining Supply to Remote Rural Areas'
2008 Lance Frater and Bill Heffernan (EPECentre, University of Canterbury)
'LED Lighting for Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Premises'
2007 Tony Stacey (NOJA Power & Switchgear)
'Application of Advances in Technology to Improve Network Performance and Better Protection Grading'
2006 Neville Watson (University of Canterbury)
'Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) - Implications for Distribution Networks'
2005 Wernher Roding (Windflow Technology)
'Wind Energy Generation Impact on Electrical Grid - Benefits of Synchronous, Synchronised Generation'

Best Paper Award (Student)

2021 Aleida Powell (University of Otago) - Aleida co-presented the paper with Dougal McQueen, Aurora Energy 'Perverse Incentives Creating an Impact on Network Performance and New Zealand's Zero-carbon Future'
2019 Andrew Berry, University of Canterbury 'Big Things in Small Packages - High Voltage Stator Testing'
2018 Safa Al-sachit, (University of Auckland) 'Investigating Travelling wave Fault Location Techniques for Distribution Assets'
2018 Arif Ahmed, (Robinson Research Institute) 'Usage of Weather Data for Dynamic Thermal Line Rating and Power Flow Analysis for Power System Planning and Operation'
2017 Leatham Landon-Lane, (Dept of Chemical Process Engineering, University of Canterbury)
'Electrical Vehicle Storage Technologies and Range'
2016 Ben Jar, (EPECentre, University of Canterbury) 'Rapid EV Chargers: Implementation of a Charger'
2015 Luke Schwartfeger (EPECentre, University of Canterbury) 'Environmental Aspects of Photovoltaic Solar Power'
2014 Luke Schwartfeger (EPECentre, University of Canterbury)
'Review of Distributed Generation Interconnection Standards'
2013 Scott Lemon (University of Canterbury)
'Electric Vehicles in New Zealand: Technologically Challenged?'
2012 Andrew Lapthorn (University of Canterbury) 'Construction & Testing of a Next Generation HTS Partial-Core Transformer'
2011 Joint winners:
Guy Paine (Auckland University of Technology)
Alan Wightman (University of Canterbury)

'GPG 304 Critical Analysis'
'Volcanic Ash Contamination of High Voltage Insulators'

2010 Robert Cardwell & Luke Sinclair (University of Canterbury, Engineers Without Borders NZ)
'Implementing a Solar Power System for a High School in Tonga'
2009 Sizhen Zhao (University of Auckland)
'Power System Coherency Based Equivalence Modelling for Wind Farm Units'
2008 Ran Feng Situ (University of Auckland)
'Analysis Framework for Value of Energy Storage Systems through System Reliability Assessment'
2007 Chin Yit Choo (University of Auckland)
'Power System Load Modelling using Power Quality Measurements'
2006 Award not presented.

2005 Lance Frater (EPECentre, University of Canterbury)
'EPEC Fluorescent Light Flicker Project: Stage 1 - Fluorescent Light Flicker Caused by Load Management Signals'

Best Trade Exhibition Stand

2019 TransNet
2018 Loop Technologies
2017 Cuthbert Stewart
2016 Arthur D Riley & Co
2015 OHUG
2014 Electropar/S&C Electric
2013 OHUG
2011 Cabac
2010 GE Energy
2009 Quasar Systems
2008 Intergraph Corporation
2007 Cuthbert Stewart
2006 Electropar
2005 TransNet NZ

IET Best Paper Presentation Award

2021 Geoff Tait (The Lines Company)
'Implementation of a New Asset Condition and Risk Modelling Methodology at The Lines Company'
2019 Chiraag Ishwar (University of Canterbury)
'Offshore Wind for New Zealand'
2018 Lingsong Zheng, (Wellington Electricity)
'Wellington Electricity's Emerging Technology Roadmap'
2017 Rebecca Marx, (Mitton Electronet Ltd)
'Haywards Transformer Replacement - A Story of Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration'
2016 Brett Horwell, (Meridian Energy) 'Manapouri Transformer Replacement Project - A Christmas tale of dirty oil, storms and tourists from the World's remotest power station'
2015 Brad Rooney (Mitton Electronet) 'Safety by Design in Earthing Systems'
2014 Julien Arts (Contact Energy)
'Multiple Frequency Keeping'
2013 Campbell Hammond (Genesis Energy)
'Huntly 250MW Generator Rotor Refurbishment: Project Review'
Geoff Douch (Wellington Electricity)
'Condition Assessment of Ageing Network Poles'
2011 Graeme Johnson (Electrix)
'Practical Field Solution to Equipotential Zones'
2010 Kieran Kennedy (Mitton Electronet)
'The Effective Design and Testing of Earthing Systems'
2009 Joint winners:
Rodger Griffiths (ElectroNet Services)
Bob Simpson (Transpower NZ)

'NZ Power System Earthing Guide - Overview and Implementation'

'Transpower's Transmission Code'
2008 Murray Hendrickson (Network Tasman)
'Sub-Transmission Automation at Network Tasman'
2007 Rodger Griffiths (ElectroNet Services)
'Asset Works Management - With GIS - A Case Study'
2006 Sunil Kumar (Tyco Electronics)
'Reliability, Improvement and Asset Protection of Electrical Power Networks by Mitigation of Fauna Induced Outages - 2006'
2005 Bryan Leyland (Consultant)
'Lessons from Recent Small Hydro Schemes'.
The New Zealand IEEE also presented Bryan with the IEEE Silver Medal Award in recognition of his significant contribution to electrical engineering in New Zealand.

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