To support new improvement in the engineering, technical and safety capability of industry members by enabling structured and sustainable learning opportunities to meet the current and future professional development needs of the electricity supply industry.


The role of the Group is to provide collaboration, coordination across industry members and stakeholders, provide leadership to enable the sustainable professional development and transitioning to technology for technical and safety professionals in the electricity supply industry.


  • To collaborate with industry, learners, providers and Government to understand current and future skill, knowledge and professional development needs in the electricity supply industry.
  • Support delivery of relevant and quality professional development and learning programmes to meet industry needs.
  • To enhance the uptake and value of professional development for engineers, technical and safety professionals. employed in the electricity supply industry.
  • To look at opportunities to enhance and sustain professional development training delivery.
  • Create a development ecosystem.


As per outcomes agreed in 2019/20 Business Plan including micro credential pilot project outcomes.

  • Survey members to identify professional development needs
  • Develop a 2020-2022 professional development programme based on Member needs
  • Review existing EEA courses


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