To provide leadership and guidance for effective asset management for the electricity supply industry.

We will achieve this through working with the electricity supply industry to facilitate, coordinate and lead the enhancement of asset management planning, practices, knowledge and performance through self-regulation, recognised systems and sound engineering practice principles.

  • Lead and promote knowledge and good practices in asset management in the NZ electricity industry.
  • Provide working level practical advice and guidance to improve industry understanding, support decision making, planning and the management of issues around asset management.
  • Enable the reporting and sharing of information relating to asset performance, reliability and equipment failure trends (similar to industry sharing H&S incident information)


  1. Facilitating workshops/forums on asset management for industry;
  2. Monitoring New Zealand and overseas trends in asset management;
  3. Developing and maintaining links with leading overseas organisations involved in asset management;
  4. Liaising with government agencies and organisations on matters affecting electricity supply industry asset management;
  5. Benchmarking best practice management of specific assets;
  6. Disseminating information to industry;
  7. Undertaking other matters as determined by the EEA Executive Committee.

Priority work areas include

  1. Guideline for Safety in Design
  2. Guideline For The Connection Of Small-Scale Inverter Based Distributed Generation
  3. Asset Management Forum
  4. Review of EEA Guides (Pre 2011)
  5. Asset Management training
  6. Power Systems Earthing Guide review and training development
  7. Consultation on relevant standards and regulations
  8. Asset information and data standards

Terms of reference

AMG Terms of Reference


The Asset Management Committee coverage includes:

  • Electricity Technical Regulation;
  • Reliability, Security of Supply and Power Quality;
  • Asset condition assessment process and practices;
  • Asset specific management practices;
  • Demand Management, Metering Infrastructure and Embedded Generation;
  • Critical infrastructure protection, resilience and security;
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields;
  • Broadband Network construction utilising industry assets and resources;
  • Industry Skills and Training.

Group members

The group is made up of representatives of the electricity supply industry. EEA Executive Committee appoint the AMG Convenor and members.

  • Waqar Qureshi - (Chair) - Horizon Networks
  • Jamie Jordan - Transpower
  • Rodger Griffiths - Electronet
  • Michael O'Brien - Powerco
  • Russell Watson - Northpower
  • Grant Hogan - Unison
  • Kane Henderson - Genesis Energy
  • Mark Zwies - PowerNet
  • Andrew Mulligan - Mainpower
  • Lewis Toman - Aurora
  • We Hao Zhou - WEL
  • Craig Wong - Orion
  • Sean McCready - EEA
  • Peter Berry - EEA
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